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    Nizel Adams
    January 05, 2022

    I was browsing through Uber eats and I just so happened to see a promo for Papa John's & its *New* New York style pizza (which was confusing to me because Papa John's is a New York chain that serves triangle slices.) It peeked my interest so I decided to try it out. I threw in a parmesan crusted Philly steak Papadias for the heck of it. Price - A 16" large (the only size you can choose) 3 topping pizza came out to $24.24 plus tax. I've never really been a fan of Papa John's prices, but I was expecting at least $27 based on my past experiences. The papadias was only $8. Customer service: In & out the door within 20 minutes which is a record compared to other pizza places in this area that take over TWO HOURS! They didn't mess up the order either. 5/5 New York Style Pizza: Appearance - Overall uniform toppings. Little brown sprinkles of melted cheese. They didn't skimp out at all. There's just enough on each slice. It's baked almost perfectly. The cuts aren't great however. They seem to have gone too fast and some of the slices either are not fully cut or just not cut all which makes for some jumbo slices. The bread is thin but not as thin as traditional floppy New York Pizza. However, considering it was made by Chicago they did a good job imitating it. The thickness definitely makes it firmer so there's less of a mess when eating. It folds pretty good too. 4/5 Taste - I have to say, I was never a fan of Papa John's, but this pizza won me over. It was expected for a New York chain to take pride in a menu item based on New York's iconic pizza though. From what I could tell the NY Papa John's completely blow the Chicago ones out of the water based on presentation alone. This pizza doesn't quite capture the stellar looks, but the taste is definitely there. The sauce is a bit sweet yet not oversweet. The pepperoni, sausage & 3 cheese blend make an immaculate combination that'll send you straight to heaven. The soft bread has a sweetness to it as well which just makes you giddy with every bite. 5/5 Parmesan Crusted Philly Cheese Steak Papadias - Appearance - Pretty much a calzone, just not sealed. Parmesan is weirdly toasted on which gives an unappealing look to the bread. The amount of bread alone will fill you up. 3/5 Taste - Jesus this is amazing for only $8. I thought this would be a throwaway menu item so I just added it to my order, but I am PLEASANTLY surprised. The flavors are so vibrant. Each one of them stand out, especially the beef. The cheese on the inside is perfectly melted & there's a plethora of ingredients such as onions, peppers, beef & some sauce. I have no clue what wizard put this delicacy together, but I thank them. 5/5 Overall - This spot didn't miss today. Everything was great from the pizza to the Philly steak papadias. Even the Dole lemonade was on point. I came in expecting to be completely underwhelmed based on my past experience with Papa John, but was blown away on every front. Not only that, but I found my new goto pizza place if they can be consistent. My one gripe that remains with Papa John's is that I don't know why they include the garlic butter dipping sauce with everything since I've never seen anybody eat it in Chicago (plus it sucks.) The single pepperoncini instead of red pepper flakes is hilarious too. I'll take pepperoncini over red pepper flakes anyday, but I don't know if they expect an entire family to share a single pepperoncini or what lol. Get rid of the garlic butter sauce, dice or slice up multiple pepperoncini then have that on the side in a cup. 4 out of 5 stars

    rhonda anderson
    August 18, 2022

    I placed an order for delivery, the order was incorrect so I called and the manager said I can come in and get the correct order and she was gonna write down my name. I called the following day and spoke to a manager about my situation she said my order would be ready in 40 mins. When I arrived the manager who is an older white lady said your order is not ready, it will be another 20 mins. I said ok and waited. After 20 mins I asked the manager if my order was ready she said the girl that took it over the phone did not put it in the system. So she went to the computer and started typing and then picked up a box off the floor, then took a piece of dough out of the bend and started preparing it. I asked was it mine? She said yes. I told her she didn't wash her hands first. She asked me if I wanted it or not with an attitude? I told her how unprofessional and nasty she was and left.

    Anelia Hilten
    July 01, 2020

    I order a garlic parmesan crust pizza with three cheeses and just received a plain cheese pizza. By the time I got home and realized it was incorrect (they were closed). I had to call the next day which is today. Just spoke to a manager and apparently I have to call later and speak to another manager who worked the night shift. For the second time I went in, I spoke to a rude unprofessional cashier (who seem like she had an attitude). I understand that it’s fast food and it can be hard, hell, I use to work fast food. That doesn’t give you the reason to act any old way. I would recommend another location just to show the workers and the managers who work here to do better. FYP, it’s best to file a complaint on the website so corporate can fathom what’s going on in their restaurants.

    Shay Stone
    January 06, 2022

    Ive been waiting over 3 hours for my pizza already paid 60$ no answer from the store every time I call they just put me on hold. No cancel of the order no nothing. I wouldn’t order from there are several other pizza places in the neighborhood that would be equally worth your time and money horrible customer services

    NO Sugarcoating
    June 28, 2021

    So a slice of pizza was missing from my pizza and no garlic sauce it’s was cold the lady didn’t even have my pizza in a bag to keep it warm she was on the phone an holding my pizza wrong

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